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Allocation - Data and Setup
Allocation - Data and Setup
In order to use allocation we will need additional data feeds.
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Toolio tracks your sales and inventory position by location (including stores and warehouses). We will also need:

  • Transfer Orders and Transfer Receipts from your data resource to be imported on a regular schedule:

    • Transfer Receipts - The inventory transfers received into destinations and transferred out of sources.

    • Transfer Orders - Order that have been sent to the sources to be delivered to the destinations.

  • Set up your locations and transit times (Set your sources and destinations)

    • This will be a data file that you import into Toolio.

Note: Please note that Allocation is a separate module on Toolio. So, make sure that Allocation is enabled on your Toolio account, and let your customer success manager know if you would like this module to be turned on.


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