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How to manage locations in Toolio

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Locations are an important component to data actualization and planning workflows. Even if you are not reporting or planning explicitly at the location level, your locations serve as the linkage to classify your data and plans at the channel or region levels. Please see below for a detailed walkthrough of how to import and manage locations in Toolio

Importing Locations

To import your locations, simple navigate to your Toolio Settings > Imports. You can click 'New Import' and select Location:

You can find a sample Location import here which can be used as an import template. You can also find documentation around the required fields here.

Once your import is completed, you can view and manage your location settings under Master Data > Location.

Managing Locations

If you've already imported your location data, you can manage your existing locations directly in Master Data > Location:

Here, you can directly make changes to your location settings by:

  • Renaming values such as 'Location Name' and 'Location External Id'

    • Simply click on any cell and type in the new value, making sure to save your changes when prompted

  • Changing 'Is Source Location' to True/False

    • Click on the cell and select from the dropdown, making sure to save your changes

  • Managing source locations

    • Right click on any location line and select 'Manage Sources' - you will see all Source locations (locations where 'Is Source Location' = True) populate below:

    • From here, you can assign the following:

      • Location Eligibility - Indicates whether the destination location is able to receive inventory from a source location

      • Lead Time (Days) - The duration in days for inventory from the source location to be received and available to sell at the destination location

      • Priority - The prioritization of the source location, i.e. if Source Location 1 has priority 0 and Source Location 2 has priority 1, Source Location 1 will be the preferred source

    • Please see here for more details around how Locations & Source locations are used when generating Receipts in Item Plan.

Is Allocation Allowed

To define locations that are eligible for allocation, a flag is available in the location master data to define the whether locations are allowed to be included in allocations. simply set the flag to TRUE for any store that is allowed to receive allocations of inventory including the Online location. The source locations do not specifically need to be selected as TRUE as they will automatically be included as required. This setting reduces the number of locations that shows up in the curves and location lists.

Location Source Setup

To drive allocation source and destination relationships, the supply chain must be defined to provide the allocation engine with the priority of sources and lead time from source to destination location.

Navigate to Master Data > Location

Right click on a location and select Manage Sources

Select the source location and enter the lead time (including picking/processing time) to transfer stock from the source in question to the destination location. Note that you can specify multiple source locations but a priority needs to be established.

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