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Allocation - Data Needs and Setup
Allocation - Data Needs and Setup

In order to use allocation we will need additional data feeds.

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Toolio tracks your sales and inventory position by location (including stores and warehouses). In order to generate allocations we will need some additional data to import.

Required Data Feeds

Transfer Orders

Orders that have been sent to the sources to be delivered to the destinations. See example here and the format here.

Transfer Receipts

The transfers received into destinations and transferred out of sources. See example here and the format here.

We will need the TO_LINE_ID on both tables in order to reconcile the transfers received against the transfer orders that were placed.


  • See sample feed here.

  • Add Attributes to your locations that you will need for reporting and analysis.

    • In the above example you will see Store type, Capacity, Total Sq Ft and Region as attributes.

  • Include Channel in order to support other modules as well.

  • In the Store Priority field put your stores in order of importance to receive an allocation. By default, the allocation algorithm uses demand (need) and time (based on lead time to store) to prorate out allocations when Source levels are too low to fulfil the entire allocation need.

Setting Your Supply Chain

Toolio needs to know the Source x Destination relationship between your locations. You can either provide this information in the data feed by specifying Source Location External Id and Is Source Location attributes, or you can do this on the Toolio application. Please see below for the steps to do it manually.

  • Go to Settings > Locations

  • In the Is Source Location field tag the locations that are sources (where transfer orders will be distributed from) with True.

  • Right click on your locations to reveal the context menu and select Manage Sources.

  • An overlay table will pop up at the bottom of your screen.

  • In this menu you will select the Source(s) that can ship to your destination by using the checkbox in the Location Eligibility field.

    • You can have multiple sources selected.

  • Enter in your Lead Time(Days) which is the time it takes the source to pick, pack, ship and deliver to the destination.

  • You can also determine the priority of the Source in this table which gives an order to where the allocation should be derived from.

Variant Level Configuration

Order Multiples

On your product / variant feed, you can add an Order Multiple attribute to indicate the multiples at which Toolio can generate Transfer Order Recommendations. If order multiple is 5 let's say, Toolio can only recommend multiples of 5 units for each SKU x Location x Time level transfer.


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