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Creating NetSuite Inventory Items & Purchase Orders from Assortment PlanHow to Generate a NetSuite Purchase Order from Assortment Plan in Toolio
Pushing Choices from Product Master into Assortment PlanHow to push products from your Toolio Product Master Data into the Assortment Plan Module
Configuring Assortment Planning ViewsHow to configure attributes, metrics, and grouping for your assortment plan views
Understanding the Assortment RollupThe Assortment Rollup feature in Toolio helps you reconcile between your Merchandise Plan and Assortment Plan forecasts
Managing Single-Select Attributes in Assortment PlanOptions define the values that single-select Attributes can take. These can be added on the fly in Assortment Plan.
Using & Configuring Clusters and Cluster Groups in Assortment PlanHow to use and configure and use clusters in Toolio's AP Module
View All Assortment Plan Items in ModelsYou can view and manage all assortment plan items in Toolio by going through Account > Models
Using Placeholders in Assortment PlanThis article will talk through adding placeholders in Assortment Plan
Carrying Forward Products and Defining Like-for-Like Products using the Hindsight ModeCarrying Forward Products and Defining Like-for-Like Products using the Hindsight Mode
Applying MDQ Constraints in APToolio offers you to generate POs with MDQ Constraints where your PO includes to store shipments as well
Understanding the Product Mix featureHow to use the Product Mix feature to understand and evaluate your Assortment Plan
Importing Existing Line Plans into ToolioHow to import line plans (i.e. assortment plans) created externally
Planning by % of TTL in Assortment PlanPlan your assortment with percentages by utilizing the % of TTL variant
Spread Management in Assortment PlanningThe Spread Management feature allows you to easily break down style level plans to the size and channel levels
Using Hindsight mode to Compare against Historic DataHow to use Hindsight mode in your Assortment Plan to compare against historic values
Exporting Assortment PlansHow to export your assortment plan outside of Toolio
Using Size Curves in Assortment PlanSize Curves are now available within Size Scale in Assortment Plan