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Creating NetSuite Inventory Items & Purchase Orders from Assortment Plan
Creating NetSuite Inventory Items & Purchase Orders from Assortment Plan

How to Generate a NetSuite Purchase Order from Assortment Plan in Toolio

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Toolio allows you to easily plan and manage your purchase orders in a single place. If you are placing POs in NetSuite, Toolio can even generate them for you. Please find details below.

This feature is in beta and being actively improved upon by our team. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to inquire about this feature.


The Purchase Order creation workflow via Toolio requires that your account and the POs you are creating meet certain pre-requisites which you can find here. Please see below for an overview of how the PO Creation process is handled in Assortment Plan.

Toolio creates NetSuite Purchase Orders in 2 steps:

  1. Check that the SKUs (inventory items) being ordered exist in NetSuite

    • If you are creating a new item which does not yet exist in NetSuite, Toolio will attempt to create the inventory item based on the parameters in your Assortment Plan Item line.

  2. Create Purchase Orders specific to Vendor & Location

    • Purchase Orders in NetSuite must be specific to the same Vendor & Location, Toolio will group all selected lines by Vendor & Location.


You can generate NetSuite Purchase Orders directly from Toolio's Assortment Planning module for both existing and new NetSuite inventory items. Please find the steps outlined below:

  1. Build your Assortment Plan lines, paying particular attention to Launch Date and Receipt Units

    • Launch Date is used as your Expected Receipt Date in NetSuite

    • Receipt Units is used as the Order Units of the Purchase Order

    • Please find detailed steps for line building in Toolio here

  2. If you are planning a new Inventory Item which does not yet exist in NetSuite, you must plan all NetSuite Required attributes for creating a new product. If you are ordering inventory items which already exist in NetSuite, this step is optional

    • Please work with your customer success team to make sure that all required NetSuite fields are configured in Toolio

    • Typically, you will need to plan all inputs which contribute to an Inventory Matrix Item in NetSuite. This can include attributes such as Style, Color, Size, Width, Fabric, or Vendor information. You will also need to provide required fields such as Tax Schedule

    • This information will be used to create a new Inventory Item in NetSuite

  3. Assign Spreads

    • Both Size Scale & Channel/Location Spreads must be assigned

    • Ensure that the SKUs generated by Toolio in your spread menu are identical to existing NetSuite Item Names, or in your NetSuite Child Matrix Item format if you are creating a new Inventory Item. Please read more about Spread Management & SKU Generation Logic in Toolio

    • Please also review the units assigned to each size and location - please note that the spread menu displays Gross Sales Units whereas the ordered amount will match your Receipt Units plan

  4. Export to NetSuite

    • Simply select the item(s) you would like to export, and right click > Generate Purchase Orders > Export to NetSuite:

    • Toolio will notify you that the request was sent successfully

    • Assuming that all Pre-requisites have been met, you should see the Purchase Order(s) populate into NetSuite within 5 minutes. You can view them by navigating to Transactions > Purchase Orders in your NetSuite instance. You can also track Toolio integration activity by navigating to Setup > Integrations > Manage Integration > Toolio Integration > Execution Log > SOAP Web Services tab in NetSuite:


Before you are able to push a PO from Toolio into NetSuite, please make sure that your account is configured to support this functionality. Please check in with your Toolio customer success team to ensure that your account is configured for NetSuite SOAP integration. Additionally, the following requirements must be met in order for a PO to be successfully created in NetSuite:

  1. All NetSuite fields used for inventory item or purchase order creation must be configured with NetSuite internal Ids within Toolio.

    • Please reach out to your Toolio Customer Success team for help with this configuration.

  2. All items being ordered must exist or be created

    • Before creating a PO, Toolio will check that the SKU (NS item name) exists in NetSuite.

    • If the SKU does not exist in NetSuite, Toolio will attempt to create it as a new inventory item. In this case, you will need to make sure all required fields for inventory item creation are captured in Toolio.

  3. All Vendors & Locations must exist in NetSuite

    • Before creating a PO, the Vendors & Locations you are referencing must already be configured with the correct internal ids in NetSuite.

Please See Below for a Quick Video Walkthrough:


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