One way to integrate with Toolio is via automated CSV feeds sent to Toolio’s Azure Storage. This is very similar to sharing data feeds via FTP uploads.

File Naming Convention

Filenames sent to Toolio should follow the naming convention below:

{prefix}_{epoch time}.csv

Where, prefix refers to the data model and is followed by epoch time in seconds. Below are the different prefixes for the different data models


Data Model








Purchase Order



  • products_1588799741.csv
  • inventory_1588799764.csv

File Format


Your CSV files must use UTF-8 encoding.

Header Line

First line in the file has to be the header line. Toolio uses header names to match values to Toolio data models. For each data model, header names will match either a core field already defined on the Toolio data models or a custom attribute that have been previously defined on the Toolio platform.

For example, for the Product Data model, you can use the header names, product_id or variant_id since these are core fields, but to pass in category as a field name, it first has to be configured as a custom attribute on Toolio.

Input Lines

Each line following the header line is an input line and should include all values in the order specified in the header line.

Toolio Integration Guide

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