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Using Mappers to Map Data to Toolio Attributes
Using Mappers to Map Data to Toolio Attributes

This document will provide an overview of how to create a Mapper, to set the Mapper as default, and to use the Mapper in a manual import.

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Sometimes, if the data feed that you provide does not meet Toolio’s standard format requirements, you will need to create a Mapper to map your fields into Toolio’s required fields. Mapping allows Toolio to extract necessary fields that may have a different format in your source.

Creating a new Mapper

Go to Account > Data & Imports > Mappers

Select New Mapper on the right hand side.

Fill out the necessary fields:

  • Mapper Name: The name for the Mapper you are creating

  • Context: Type of data feed (Inventory, Sale, etc.)

  • Default: Whether the Mapper should be the default for an import for the given Data Feed? (Automated data feeds will choose this mapper as the default)

  • Header line number: The line number that contains the header information

Upon creating the Mapper, you'll be taken to fill out the specific fields you want the values to be mapped to.

Click within Mappings to add your formula to map the correct fields.

  • “{}” is the format for Strings

  • {} is the format for Integers

Click Save to confirm these changes.

Using a Mapper in Imports

After creating a Mapper, you can start using the Mapper through automated data feed or importing data feed manually.

If you automatically import your data feed into Toolio, you can choose to edit the data feed Mapper to set to default.

You can also choose to remove the default option if you no longer want it set to default.

If you manually import your data feed into Toolio, you can choose to use the System (Toolio default) Mapper or your own Mapper that you've created.

  • Go to Account > Data & Imports > Imports

  • Select New Import and the core model that you're interested in using

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