Toolio provides turn-key integration with your Shopify instance via Shopify Private Apps. With the Shopify integration, Shopify can serve as a source of truth for your Sales, Inventory and Product information. The table below gives an overview of the type of information available for each of the data feeds, and your options where Shopify doesn’t have all the required information.

Shopify Feeds

Products, variants and collections

Provides variant level meta-data and pricing information. Shopify will likely not have the merchandise hierarchy information you need for planning. In this case, you can manually upload product attributes directly into Toolio.

Orders, transactions and fulfillments

Provides variant and location level sale information. If you are running all your commerce activity on Shopify, then Shopify will be your source of truth for sales information. If not, integrating the sales feed from your ERP will be a better option.


Provides variant and location level daily inventory information. Toolio snapshots your inventory daily, so that you can leverage historical inventory data effectively.

How to Integrate Shopify and Toolio

1. Create a private app

2. Grant ‘Read Access’ in Admin API for:

  • Orders, transactions and fulfillments
  • Products, variants and collections
  • Inventory
  • Locations

3. Please add the generated ‘API Key’ and ‘Password’ to Toolio.

Toolio Integration Guide

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