Data Enrichment

If you are missing specific measures on your Sales and Inventory feeds, Toolio can enrich that data using your product feed.

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The best way to provide Cost , Retail or Ticket information in your Sales and Inventory feeds, which you can see here, is to provide them in these feeds. However, there may be cases where you are not able to get this information in the appropriate feeds. In such cases, Toolio can enrich the data using unit metrics from your product feed.

Below is how enrichment would work.



Sales Retail

Sales Units * Product.Unit Retail

Sales Cost

Sales Units * Product.Unit Cost

Returns Ticket

Returns Units * Product.Unit Ticket

Returns Retail

Returns Units * Product.Unit Retail

Returns Cost

Returns Units * Product.Unit Cost

BOP Ticket

BOP Units * Product.Unit Ticket

BOP Retail

BOP Units * Product.Unit Retail

BOP Cost

BOP Units * Product.Unit Cost

Configuring Enrichment

Enrichment automatically happens, if you haven't provided the appropriate metric in the sale or inventory feeds. If you have the metric in your feed, but you still want to use it for enriching you can achieve this by creating a mapper and "skipping" this metric in the mapper.

Please see below for what it would look like.

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