Seeding an Assortment

See the below steps to populate items from one assortment to another.

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In Assortment Planning, we have covered the steps to Carry Forward items sold in a previous season to your current assortment. This workflow will not always be possible, for instance if you are planning a new style to introduce in Spring and plan to place another buy for that same style in Summer.

For this workflow, you will want to Seed your assortment. Please see the steps below:

Filter for Styles

Filter your assortment to include the relevant styles to include in your new assortment. If it is not possible to filter for this group of products, you can select them manually.

Select the Lines to Seed

Select the rows that you would like to include by using the checkboxes on the left.

Note: Shift+Clicking on the line itself will select multiple lines, similar to Excel.

Seed Assortment Function

Right click on your selection and choose the function to Seed Assortment Plan. Seeding will copy these line items to another plan.

Select the Time Frame for the Assortment Plan you want to seed and click Seed. You will see a confirmation message that these lines have been seeded for the start date of the selected Time Frame.

Post Seeding

Toolio will automatically attribute your seeded data to the appropriate Assortment Plans (with respect to time range and hierarchy). To see your assortment lines, please navigate to the Assortment Plan module and click the Create button.

From here, please make sure to select the correct template, relevant attributes and time frame (and press create).

Any data you have seeded which meets an Assortment Plan's criteria will then be populated automatically.

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