Assigning User Roles

You can assign roles for your team in the Data & Imports page under Organization - Users. To change roles, simply double click the cell and select the desired role.

  • Admin - has ability to edit roles of users within an organization but cannot change their own role. Has access to all functions within the Toolio platform.

  • Editor - no ability to edit roles but has full access to all functions within the Toolio platform.

  • Reader - can only view reports but cannot edit data.

If no one on you team can see this page, please reach out to your Customer Success team and we will assign an Admin.

Assigning User Access

In Toolio, you have the option to limit access to users that you invite. To enable this setting, Go to your Organization Settings and check the box to Restrict Access to Toolio.

Enabling this setting will enable you to invite users to access your Toolio account. From the Users page in Settings, click on the Invite button. You will be directed to the Invitations page, where you can see all Invited Users. Once a user logs in they will no longer show on the Invitations page and they will display on the Users page.

To add a new user, click on Invite New Users. Enter the user's email and desired role. The user will now be able to access Toolio with that email address. Note: Invited users will not receive an email invitation.

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