The Toolio grid supports many commonly used grid management features that users might be familiar to in Excel and Google Sheets. These features are supported in all the modules unless specifically called out.

Copy / Paste

Toolio allows copying & pasting to and from other grid-based platforms like Excel and Google Sheets. This makes bulk importing and exporting data from Toolio super simple. See below for how it works in action.

Fill Handle (aka Drag To Copy)

Fill Handle allows dragging a value in a cell to the other cells the selection is dragged on to.

Grid Summary

The Grid Summary at the bottom of the Toolio Grid displays aggregations, such as min, max, average and sum, for the cells selected on the Grid.

Support for Formulas while inputting values

Toolio Grid allows using basic arithmetic operations while inputting data into cells. This can be helpful to adjust the value that is already in the cell, such as reducing the value by 50% or scaling it up with a 120% growth.

Please see below for how this works in action.

Please note that Toolio supports only arithmetic operations and not Excel Functions. Formulas are only supported in Merchandise Planning (MP)

Cell State Indicator and Undo

After editing a cell in Toolio, a blue triangle shows up on the top right corner of the cell. This Cell State Indicator highlights that the value of the cell has been edited. If desired, users can click on the Cell State Indicator and see the current value, the original value of the cell and undo the change. Alternatively, you can undo by highlighting the cell and press Command & Z for Mac or Ctrl & Z for Windows on your keyboard.

Context Menu and Exporting

Users can Right Click anywhere on the grid to show the Context Menu which allows exporting the data displayed on the grid to CSV or to Excel.

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