Organization time zone

Toolio supports data coming in from multiple time zones but all data is converted to the organizational time zone.

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Toolio allows setting an organization time zone and all the plan and actuals data in the system will be in the time zone of the organization. Before diving into configuration and implementation, a few points on terminology:

  • Organization Time Zone: The time zone the HQ is in

  • Local Time Zone: Time zone for a particular event - say a sale

  • Date: Date attributed to a metric - note that when there is a date (i.e. no time) time zones don't make a difference.

  • Datetime: Date and time attributed to a metric. Only when there is a datetime field, the time zone matters. Sale and return are the only data feeds that Toolio currently has datetime.


Organization time zone can be set up in the Settings > Organization > Settings section. Please see below:

Once the organization time zone has been defined, all imported data with a date/time will be converted to that timezone, and all planning will be done in the organization timezone.


As mentioned above, datetime is the only field in integration feeds where time zones make a difference, and datetime is only included on the sale feed.

Toolio allows sharing datetime fields using ISO Date (YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssTZD) format which has the timezone information built in. For example, the value 1997-07-16T19:20:30+01:00 means that the data is on the GMT +1:00 time zone.

If the time zone is not included in the data feed, Toolio assumes that the data coming in is in the organization timezone.

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