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Export the Weekly Start and End Dates of your Toolio Account's Calendar
Export the Weekly Start and End Dates of your Toolio Account's Calendar
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In Toolio we are able to export our retail calendar start and end dates from right within the tool! This is useful for a variety of import scenarios as well as gaining a deeper understanding of the retail calendar and how Toolio is aggregating your data.

First, please navigate to Settings from the drop down on your initials in the top right of the tool's interface. Then under Organization you will see another Settings - please navigate here.

Once you hit Settings from your initials in the top right corner, you will need to navigate to Organization - Settings

From here you can scroll down to see your Toolio instances current calendar configuration and you will want to select Open Calendar in the top left.

This will take you to the web version of Toolio Retail Calendar preconfigured to match your Toolio instance. From here you can use the Export button, select CSV and you will receive a CSV containing of the start and end dates of your calendar by weekly start and end date. .

The resulting CSV will contain the following headers:

  • Year

  • Month

  • Week

  • Start Date

  • End Date

This data can be used for a variety of workflows in Toolio, such as historic data imports or importing existing demand plans for future weeks, just to name a few examples. Please reach out to your Customer Success representative with any questions pertaining to your specific needs.

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