Manage Time Frames
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You can easily customize seasons or custom time groups that suit your planning needs beyond the standard Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter seasons.

How to Add New Time Frames

In your Settings under Data Management, you will see a tab for Time Frames. To add a new time frame, click Add at the bottom of the table, type in the desired name under Description, then double click the Start Date and End Date cells to select the desired dates.

If you wish to change the month without scrolling month-by-month, click on the calendar heading and it will take you to the month selection screen. Click on the calendar heading again and you’ll be brought to the year selection screen. Be sure to align the dates with the retail calendar.

How to Edit Existing Time Frames

In the Data & Imports page, click on Time Frames under Organization. To edit the descriptions or date ranges of the time frames, simply double click in the cell you wish to edit and type in the description or select the date.

Deleting Time Frames

In the Data & Imports page, select the time frame you would like to remove, right-click and select "Delete."

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