How to Configure Your Calendar

How to configure and manage your Toolio Calendar Configuration

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In order to make sure you’re comparing the right time frames to each other within Toolio, you can configure your retail calendar to your specifications. You can also configure multiple calendars which can be used in different Merchandise Plans (i.e. Finance Plan, Store Plan, or Day Level Plan). This article covers how to configure your calendars - for details around how to apply them when configuring your Merchandise Plans, please refer to the Configuring Merchandise Plans article.

Configuring Your Calendar

To start configuring a new Calendar navigate to Settings > Organization > Calendar Settings and click 'Add' in the top right. You'll then be prompted with the following popup:

To create a calendar config, please fill out each of the fields:





The name of your calendar

Retail Calendar

Calendar Type

The level of calender granularity:

  • Monthly

  • Weekly

  • Daily


Week Grouping

How weeks are grouped into months:

  • 4-4-5

  • 4-5-4

  • 5-4-4


Last Day of the Week

The final day of each week


Last Month of the Year

The final month in the calendar year


Week Calculation

Determines how to calculate year boundaries:
Last Day Before End of Month: A year always ends with the last full week falling into a year. In this case, if Saturday is on Jan 2nd 2021, it will fall into 2021.

  • Last Day Nearest End of Month: A year always ends with the last full week ending closest to the year boundary. In this case, if Saturday is on Jan 2nd 2021, it will still fall into 2020.

  • First Week of the Year: A year always starts with the first full week falling into the year.

  • Last Day Before End of Month Except Leap Year: A year always ends with the last full week falling into a year, except in the leap year, when the year can end with a week falling into the next year.

Last Day Nearest EOM

Once you've filled out every field, please click 'Create' to save your new calendar. Please note that upon saving, you will not be allowed to change your calendar configuration, aside from the name.

After you've created the calendar, you'll find that it will be listed in the list of available Calendars:

You can click on the Open Calendar popup to preview your calendar in the Toolio Retail Calendar tool:

Once you're happy with your calendar configuration, please move on to the Configuring Merchandise Plans article to create a new Merchandise Plan using your calendar.


How to determine which year is displayed for week and month abbreviations?

For plans that are spanning multiple calendar years, e.g. NRF 4-5-4 calendar, users can choose which year to display for month & week abbreviations.

This is controlled via `Organization > Settings`. Please see below on how it can be configured.

Say we’re going from Feb-Jan. Does it work as follows for plan year 2023:

  • First month of the year - always shows 2023

  • Last month of the year - always shows 2024

  • Current mont of the year - 2023 for all except, Jan which would be 2024

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