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Configuring & Managing Metrics
Configuring & Managing Metrics

Toolio allows customizing metric formulas, display names and even spreading behaviors.

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Toolio comes out of the box with 100s of metrics. Although we use best-in-class formulas, display names and formatting rules for metrics, you still have the change to configure the metrics to meet your custom needs. Metrics can all be configured and customized under Settings > Metrics.

Display Name

To update the Display Name for any metric, just double click on the cell holding the display name and add the new value you would like. Once you've made the change, you can hit save.


You can customize the formula, the same way you'd be customizing the Display Name. Just double click on the cell you want to customize and hit save after making changes.

Metric Formatting

In the Format column you can customize how different metrics are formatted. Example use cases for this are:

  • Whether to display percentages as % or BP (Basis Points)

  • Customizing the number of decimal points to have for each metric

Spread Method

You can customize the Spread Method to use for each metric. The Default Method for each metric is spreading proportionally; however, you can update the metrics to Set Leaves Evenly as well. The workflow for updating these is the same as above.

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