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Troubleshooting NetSuite Saved Search Deployments
Troubleshooting NetSuite Saved Search Deployments

How to troubleshoot and address issues with your NetSuite Saved Search Delivery to Toolio

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The Toolio SuiteApp makes it easy for you to configure and schedule sales, inventory, purchase order, receipts, and product data to be delivered to Toolio.

A major component of the Toolio SuiteApp revolves around the Toolio Saved Search Delivery SuiteScript and its accompanied deployments. The Script allows you to send Saved Searches directly to Toolio's Azure storage, while the Deployments help instruct the Script when, what, and where to send the data.

Please be assured that there are a number of fail safes built into the Toolio Suite Script (i.e. retry mechanisms in case of network failure, staged execution logic) which make your data deliveries to Toolio as robust as possible. In the case that you do experience any issues, however, the Toolio SuiteScript is designed to flag errors which can be monitored via the Execution Log section of your deployments.

Please find common errors and their respective solutions outlined below to help you troubleshoot and resolve any issues.

Viewing Errors in NetSuite

Before we dive into reviewing and addressing errors, we need to navigate to them first. To do this, navigate to the Script Deployment in question and select the Execution Log tab.

Here, you will find the current day's activity related to this deployment, including any errors which may have arose:

Diagnosing & Troubleshooting Common Errors

Please find common errors and suggested solutions below:




Empty Parameters

You are missing parameters in your Script Deployment.

The error message will specify which parameter is empty. Please fill in the value.

Page Limit Exceeded

Your saved search is returning too many lines. The limit for Saved Search size is approximately 600k lines.

Please utilize filters such as 'Last Modified Date' to reduce the size of the results.

Error with Sync

You should very seldom see this error. Your Toolio implementation team will be able to provide additional details if it arises.

Contact your Toolio support team for review and help with resolution.

If you are still experiencing issues after troubleshooting with the above steps, please reach out to your Toolio Customer Success team and we will be happy to provide assistance!

Re-Triggering NetSuite Deployments

If you would like to re-trigger a NetSuite deployment, please follow the steps here.

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