NetSuite Integration

Toolio supports out of the box integration with NetSuite. Please follow the steps to connect your NetSuite instance with Toolio

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Toolio provides turn-key integration with NetSuite that can be summarized in just a few simple steps:

Please find in-depth instructions and details for each step below:

1. Install the Toolio SuiteApp

The Toolio SuiteApp packages together a bundle of NetSuite objects that are required for integration. Please see the elements outlined below:

  • Toolio Integration Integration Object

  • Toolio Integration Role Object

  • Toolio - Saved Search to Azure SuiteScript

  • Toolio Saved Searches:

    • Item:

      • Toolio - Product Feed Template

      • Toolio - Inventory Feed Template

    • Transaction:

      • Toolio - Purchase Order Feed Template

      • Toolio - Sale Feed Feed Template

      • Toolio - Receipt Feed Template

The Integration and Role objects are used for Toolio to establish a connection with your NetSuite instance and to define the necessary permissions. These two objects are locked upon install as they are critical to Toolio's functionality - please reach out to your Customer Success Manager with any questions.

The SuiteScript is used so that we can automate delivery of your saved searches to Toolio.

The Saved Searches in this bundle are used to provide a starting point to your data feeds. The final step of integration will require your team to make customizations to these saved searches and review the data feeds with your Toolio team before they are automated for daily delivery to Toolio.

Please find the steps for Toolio SuiteApp installation below:

  • Navigate to the SuiteApps tab in NetSuite and search for "Toolio"

  • Click on the Toolio SuiteApp > View SuiteApp > Install

  • NetSuite will then ask you for confirmation, please select "Ok" - NetSuite will also display a summary page outlining the elements the Toolio Bundle contains for your review.

Once the installation is completed, you should see all of the elements outlined above appear in your NetSuite instance.

2. Create a User for Toolio & Assign Toolio Integration Role

Before creating a new User for Toolio, please make sure that SOAP Web Services (Enable Features > SuiteCloud) and SuiteAnalytics Workbook (Enable Features > Analytics) are enabled in your account. You can check this by navigating to Setup > Company > Enable Features.

To create a New User for Toolio:

  • Create a user for Toolio following the steps here. Employee Name should be Toolio Admin and the email should be

  • Under Access, make sure to assign 2 roles:

    • Toolio Integration (created after installing the Toolio SuiteApp) - this role has limited permissions is used for pushing and pulling data via SOAP & REST integrations

    • Administrator - this is used only for the Toolio team to help set up, review, and schedule saved searches. This role also gives the Toolio team context during the data validation phase.

From here, the Toolio Customer Success team will create an access token to finalize configuration of your NetSuite integration.

3. Customize Saved Searches

Upon installing the Toolio SuiteApp, you should find that the following saved searches have been added to your NetSuite instance:

  • Item:

    • Toolio - Product Feed Template

    • Toolio - Inventory Feed Template

  • Transaction:

    • Toolio - Purchase Order Feed Template

    • Toolio - Sale Feed Template

    • Toolio - Receipt Feed Template

These saved searches serve as a starting point for configuring your data feeds which will be delivered to Toolio daily. Please note that these searches are locked so that our team can continue to maintain and push out incremental updates in the future. You can simply create a copy of the saved search and make edits directly on the new saved search.

Please make sure to review these searches and make adjustments directly to the results and criteria, making sure in particular that the correct NetSuite fields are captured, and that the data is filtered by the desired criteria.

Please note that you need only focus on the feeds pertinent to your integration strategy (as outlined by your Customer Success Manager). Once you have aligned on these saved searches, the Toolio team will schedule delivery of your data feeds to your Toolio instance.

Please see this article for an in depth outline of the preconfigured saved searches in the Toolio SuiteApp.

4. Configure Script Deployments (Schedule Saved Searches)

The Toolio - Saved Search To Azure Script which comes bundled with the Toolio SuiteApp will be used to schedule automated delivery of your finalized saved searches to Toolio. Your Toolio implementation team will configure the initial script and deployment schedule. Please continue below should you need to make changes to the deployment schedule.

After the Saved Searches are finalized in Step 3, you can navigate to the Toolio Script by clicking on Customization > Scripting > Scripts from the Menu bar in NetSuite. You will then see all of your Scripts in one page. Please navigate to the Toolio Script and click Edit:

Navigate to the Deployments tab (please do not make edits to any other tabs):

Here, you will see your current Saved Search deployment schedule. Please note that there is a separate deployment for each Saved Search which allows the schedules to be customized individually.

Running a one-time test deployment

You can send a test deployment to make sure the data is being received by Toolio correctly before saving a schedule for the saved searches to be delivered automatically. You can also use this workflow to manually trigger a saved search to be delivered to Toolio instantly if you ever need to perform a one-time data push into Toolio.

Select the Deployment you would like from the Deployments tab above and then click Edit:

Simply set the status to 'Testing' and then make sure to hit 'Save and Execute':

Your saved search data will be delivered to Toolio momentarily. You will be able to track its status using the execution log tab of the script deployment, and you should see the file flow into your Settings > Imports page in Toolio shortly.

Please note that you must change the script status back to 'Scheduled' for it to continue to run automatically. Please find the steps on how to do this below:

Schedule Saved Searches

After selecting the Deployment you would like to change and clicking Edit, you will see the Schedule tab on the bottom left:

Please make edits only to the Schedule tab. Here, you are able to adjust the trigger

Please make edits only to the Schedule tab. Here, you are able to adjust the trigger frequency and time of the Saved Search delivery.

Typically, Toolio should receive data from NetSuite once per day, ideally after any scheduled data loads into NetSuite are complete and before your team starts their day. Please notify your Toolio Customer Success team should you need to adjust the Schedule to be a Non-Daily event.

Please also note that the start time is relative to the time zone of your NetSuite account.

After you are done making changes, you can simply click Save. The deployment will trigger your Saved Searches to be delivered to Toolio at the next occurrence according to schedule.

That's it! From here, your customized Saved Searches will flow directly into Toolio at the next scheduled deployment!

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager directly with any questions regarding NetSuite integration.

Timing Of Your Saved Search Schedule

Please see here for a general guidance on when your Saved Searches should be triggered.

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