Toolio provides turn-key integration with NetSuite via API. Please follow the steps below to give Toolio access to your NetSuite instance.

1. Create an Administrator User for Toolio

The easiest way to enable Toolio integration is by creating an Administrator user for Toolio. Please see the steps below:

  • Create a user for Toolio following the steps here. Employee Name should be Toolio Admin and the email should be

  • Under Access, make sure to give the role Administrator. You can jump to Creating a Custom Role if you do not wish to grant full admin access.

  • Please work with your Toolio Account Manager to get the password to use.

Once integration is complete, Toolio will be using Access Tokens, instead of the Administrator User for integration. The initial admin user helps for our Customer Success team to help with:

  • Creating access tokens for Toolio

  • Making sure that all the required attributes for Toolio's Core Models are available

If you have created the Administrator User for Toolio, your Customer Success manager can take care of the remaining steps.

Create a New Role

As an alternative to assigning Administrator roles for Toolio, you can create a separate role titled "Toolio Integrations" which grants the following access permissions:


Permissions to Grant


Allow permissions for every transaction type. These usually entail permissions for Purchase Order, Sales Order and Returns Authorization, and Find Transaction. Please set all access to “full.”


  • Custom Record Entries

  • Items

  • Documents and Files


  • User Access Tokens

  • SOAP Web Services

  • Custom Fields

  • Custom Body Fields

  • Custom Entity Fields

  • Custom Record Types

  • Custom Column Fields

  • Custom Item Fields

  • Custom Lists

  • Other Custom Fields

2. Create Saved Searches Matching Toolio

Please see this article to see how to create a Saved Search for NetSuite.

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