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Command Bar for Quick Search
Command Bar for Quick Search

Read here to see how you use Command Bar for Quick Search on Toolio

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You can quickly navigate to any views under modules in Toolio by using CMD+K (or CTRL+K). In addition, you can search for any help article without leaving Toolio!

Once you put in CMD+K on your keyboard, you'll be prompted with a Command Bar pop up as seen in the below screenshot.

You can either directly type your search keyword like your view's name or you can use the Module navigation as seen in the screenshot.

For example, let's say that you want to navigate to in season view under Merchandise Plan, you can type "in season" and your results will be shown under the Navigation section.

Another example, let's say that you want to navigate to the Line Building view under Men's / Clothing / Outerwear assortment under Assortment Plan module.

You can do so by clicking on Assortment Plan, then selecting the assortment and finally the view as seen in below screenshot or you can directly type in your desired view's name.

You can also search for help article keywords directly on the command bar and related help articles will be showing up on the command bar section as seen in below screenshot, you can also click to navigate to the full article.

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