Data Visualization

Toolio offers you to visualize your metrics on any view you like in Merchandise Plan and Item Plan

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Data Visualization is used to view your metrics and variants by generating charts on the fly. Please see below on how to use visualization in Merchandise Plan and Item Plan.

Visualizing the metrics and variants

  1. Click on the Visualize button on the top right corner on either Merchandise or Item Plan. This will turn on the visualization module.

  2. Select your desired metrics and variants by clicking under the time frames, you can select as many metric as you like. And your chart will be created based on your selections.

For metrics on columns, you can also use Data Visualization and select your metrics. See below for an example

You can easily remove the metrics by either clicking on the highlighted metric row on the grid or by clicking on the cross sign on the chart labels on the visualization module.

If you want to go back to grid mode, turn off the visualization by simply clicking on the Visualize button on the top right.

Changing the chart type

Toolio supports 5 different types of charts:

  1. Line

  2. Bar/Column

  3. Histogram

  4. Area

  5. Scatter/Bubble

You can change the chart type from the left top corner on the chart visualization module.

Different formats of metrics

If you select different format of metrics i.e currency vs percent vs units, your data will be displayed in multiple axis- on the right and left- as seen in below

Exporting / Saving the Chart as an image

If you like to save the charts for your presentations or any other needs, you can right click on the chart and select Save Image As so that you can download it to your device.


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