How to use the forecast function to generate gross sales plans

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The Forecasting function in Toolio's Next Gen Assortment Plan module streamlines the sales projection process at the line item (choice) level. Forecasting is used for creating a demand plan for core / existing choices as well as the seasonal (or fashion) choices.

Forecast Attributes

We covered the Forecast Attributes in this article. Everything that system needs to run a forecast is defined through these attributes.

Triggering a Forecast task

There are two ways of triggering a Forecast in Toolio's Next Generation Assortment Plan.

One is through automated tasks based on any edits to the forecast attributes as defined in this article.

The other is through right click action on the selected choices. Please see the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to any assortment and then any view in Assortment Plan.

  2. Using the filter, group, and sort functions, you can easily configure the view to display the products you are interested in forecasting.

  3. By clicking on any of the checkboxes, you can select the item(s) you would like to forecast. You can then right click and select the Forecast function which will run the forecast task.

  4. You can track the progress of the Forecast through Task Manager

  5. If you have the Metrics panel upon under the details section is open, system will automatically refresh the data once the forecast is completed.

Note that if you have a Promotion configured which applies to this choice as well, the Promotion Lift and Discount will be applied automatically as part of the forecast function. See more about Promotion Management in this article.

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