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Next Generation Assortment Planning
Next Generation Assortment Planning

Covers how to use the Next Gen Assortment Planning module, provides an overview of the features and line planning work-flows.

17 articles
Next Generation Assortment Planning 101This document provides and overview of the New Assortment Planning process in Toolio
Creating a new assortmentCovers how to create a new assortment, viewing assortment summary and more
Creating a choiceExplore 5 different ways to create a placeholder choice
Choice Level PlanningDescribes Choice Level Planning and difference vs Offering Level Planning
Offering Level PlanningDescribes Choice-Offering Level Planning and Manage Clusters
Compare ModeCompare your past product performance and assign like-for-like choices
ForecastHow to use the forecast function to generate gross sales plans
Metrics Management - System vs AdjustedWe are introducing the System and Adjusted metrics for you to keep separate the system calculated ones from the ones you edited
Metrics Management - Plan ReviewManage and adjust Choice Metrics per your plans and visualize your plans
Receipts Generation and Reviewing Receipts PlanThis article outlines how to Generate Receipts and Review the Receipts Plan per choice
Assortment RollupThe Assortment Rollup feature in Toolio helps you reconcile between your Merchandise Plan and Assortment Plan forecasts
Assortment Product MixHow to use the Product Mix feature to understand and evaluate your Assortment Plan
Style Bank ModeAssociate your actual choices with your plans either through ERP or PLM.
Assortment RationalizationThis document provides an overview of the assortment rationalization process available in the new Assortment Planning module