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Creating Custom Attributes

Toolio uses attributes for planning and reporting. Please see below for how to define custom Attributes.

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Before starting, please familiarize yourself on what Attributes are used for.

1. Accessing custom attributes

Attributes are accessible under Account > Settings

2. Look at existing Attributes

Under the Attributes section in settings, you can define custom attributes and assign them to different models. A custom attribute can have a pre-defined list of values or can be free form.

Below you can see how the attributes are listed in the Attributes section.

3. Add new Attribute

By clicking on Add Attribute you can create a new attribute. Note that, each attribute is assigned to a particular model. In the example below, we are adding an attribute with the name Subclass, to the Product Model. Select type of data - number, date, text, percentage, single select, etc. If we want the attribute to be a single-select attribute, make sure to add the Option list first before adding the attribute. You can see here on how to create new Options.

4. Assigning the Option to the Attribute

Now that we have created an Option and added the Values it can take, we can now assign the Option back to the Attribute.

That's it! Now we have a new Single-Select Attribute with pre-defined list of Options to choose from.

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