Sometimes the quickest way to get data into the Toolio platform is through manual CSV uploads. Below are the steps to upload data into Toolio via manual uploads:

  • Go to Account > Data & Imports > Imports

  • Click New Import button

  • Select the core model you want to import into

  • Choose System as the Mapper to use, unless you have pre-defined a custom mapper for your imports

  • For more information about creating and using Mappers within imports, please refer to Using Mappers to map data to Toolio Attributes

  • Select the CSV file you want to upload

Once you have uploaded the CSV file, it will be processed and you should be able to see it in the list of imports.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is importer not allowing me to upload a file?

Sometimes Chrome upload functionality goes into a corrupted state. In those cases, browser's upload function does not work. Before taking further action, please try another application, like, that has file upload capability to see if that works.

If neither Toolio nor the other application are allowing you to upload a file, restarting Chrome should fix the issue.

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