Using the import status grid you can see all past imports into Toolio and diagnose import errors. You can access the import status grid as follows:

  • Go to Account > Data & Imports > Imports

In this screen, you can see all the imports over time, the status of each import and the error-count.

Import Statuses




Import has successfully been completed.

Completed With Errors

Import has been completed with some errors. You can see the Error Count on the same line and click at the number to dive into the errors. See here for more.


Import is in progress. Depending on the size of the file import can take minutes or hours.


An error with the import file prevented from moving forward. When this happens, please click on the (?) to see the cause of the error.

Viewing Import Errors

Once you click on the link in the error count field, you will be taken to the Import Errors screen, where can see each error and the reason for the error. You can use this data to fix the errors in your upload, and re-upload your data. If you want to export this data for further analysis, you can right click and Export as CSV.

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