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Managing Imported Data

You can view and manage all the raw data imported into Toolio by going through Account > Models

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In some cases it might be helpful to see the raw data that has been imported into Toolio. Below are the steps:

  • Go to Account > Data & Imports > Models

  • Select core data model you are interested in

Using the group and filter capabilities, you can zoom in on a part of the data that you are seeking.

Show Raw Data

โš ๏ธ Show raw data only works for non-derived metrics, like Gross Sales Units, Receipts Units, etc. This does not work for calculated metrics like EOP Units, Gross Sales Margin. For those, please see the formula to see the raw metrics that are a part of the calculation and check raw data for the raw metrics.

You can also see the data for any raw metrics directly from a Toolio module. Please find the steps below:

  • Navigate to a raw metric data cell in Toolio and right click

  • Select "Show Raw Data"

Viewing Uncategorized Data

There may be instances where data is imported to Toolio as "Uncategorized". Common reasons for this include:

  • Variant(s) in your product feed are missing an attribute (i.e. Channel is blank)

  • Transaction lines have been imported where the variant does not exist in Toolio (i.e. a Sale was imported for a SKU that is not in the product feed)

To easily see raw data that has been grouped as "Uncategorized", right click on the data within that category and select "Show Raw Data". This will automatically take you to the models page with the relevant filters applied.

Alternatively you can manually filter from the models page and set the attribute to "is empty".

Deleting Data

Deleting Individual Lines

You can easily delete any data by simply selecting the check boxes, right clicking, and selecting "Delete Selected Rows." Please note that you can also shift+select to select a range of consecutive rows, as well as ctrl(cmd)+select to select multiple rows.

Deleting All Lines Returned by View

You can also utilize filters to return the results you are wishing to delete. Once the filter is applied, you can then check the top most checkbox, right click, and chose "delete all selected rows"

Deleting Everything in the Table

You can also delete everything in a given table. You can do this by selecting the 3 dots in the upper right corner and selecting "Delete All." This will delete the entire table so use with caution.

Exporting Data

To export a small subset of your data from a model, simply select the desired rows and right click. You will then see an export button which will allow you to select the exported file type. Please be aware of any filters or grouping prior to exporting.

Please note, to export a larger amount of data, please use the Export View.


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