Automated Plan Exports

Toolio supports automated exports of plans built in Toolio to a destination of your choice.

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If you are using a data warehouse or a BI platform, you might want to ingest the plan data in Toolio to these destinations. Toolio allows setting up periodic exports of your plan data to destinations like AWS S3 or Azure Blob.


Toolio's exports are generated in the csv format. Please see a sample plan export here.

The plan export will contain information at the lowest level of granularity, i.e. at the Cartesian combination of all scenario, time and attributes. For each possible combination, there will be a list of metrics.

The fields included in the export will fall in one of these 4 buckets

Field Type



Scenario column will either be plan (i.e. master scenario on Toolio) or the name of the scenario that the metrics pertain to.


Time will either be year, week headers or year, month headers depending on the calendar configuration.


This will be a cartesian combination of all the planning attributes.


These will be all the metrics exposed in your Toolio account. Please see the full list of metrics here.

File Naming Convention

Toolio exports follow the convention below:


Below is an example plan export filename:



We currently support AWS S3 and Azure Blob as possible destinations for the plan data. We are constantly adding new destinations, so if you need an unsupported destination, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

AWS Destination

Please configure an S3 bucket and provide the following information to your Customer Success Manager:

  • Bucket Name

  • Access Key Id (create an IAM user)

  • Secret Access Key (create an IAM user)

Architectural Overview

Below is a quick overview of how this works in action.

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