Updates to Toolio: BOP Calculations

Review this article for an overview about our newest update to Toolio.

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What is changing?

  • Currently we calculate BOP = Previous(EOP). With this update Toolio will calculate EOP instead, using BOP + Receipts - Gross Sales + Returns.

  • All of your existing data will be migrated to the new format.

Why are we making this change?

What are the impacts?

Impacts to Actualized Inventory Data

  • Actualized Inventory Data will not be impacted if you send your inventory data to Toolio at the daily granularity via your integration. If you have been feeding inventory data into Toolio weekly, you can see the Actuals shift by a few days.

Impacts to Planned Inventory Data

  • Planned Inventory Data will not be impacted

Impacts to Planned Receipt Data

  • Planned Receipt Data may be impacted, depending on your configuration.

    • Note: If your configuration will be impacted in this way, our Customer Success team will save a snapshot Scenario of your Master plans

  • Since this update impacts the Receipt and Inventory planning workflows, it may set your existing receipt plan to 0.

  • Once the update is complete, generating your receipt plan is straightforward. Please see this article for a breakdown of how to Generate Receipts from Inventory.

When is this update occurring?

  • This update will take place on a rolling basis in October 2021.

  • Your Customer Success Manager will work with you to coordinate the exact date, and address any questions.

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