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Assortment Plan - Average Per Week Line Building
Assortment Plan - Average Per Week Line Building

Using sales rate to build your assortment sales and receipts.

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In Assortment Planning, building a sales plan starts with understanding the weekly sales rate on comp choices. This creates the product mix and choice count. In this article you can read up on how to use the compare mode (hindsight) to bring choices into you assortment. Here we will focus on how to go from there to building your plans.

Once you are in your assortment, you will want to go to the Toolio - Line Building view and click on the Compare mode button. Pick the season that is most relevant for building your buys.

In your compare mode, you will want to rank the selling by Average Per Week. Based on how Toolio calculates the Average Per Week (APW), it will include only sales weeks when the choice had full size runs. This will normalize the ranking and show the best performing skus at the top.

To project your volume drivers you will want to use these APW's to build your line. If you right-click on a choice and select Functions it will let you choose how you want to carry over a product.

Choosing New Like for Like will bring over your attributes, your Average Per Week and Planned Weeks (based on the Launch Date which defaults to the beginning of the season you are in).

Notice that since this was New Like for Like the Style No and Size Scale did not come over. You will have to give the new style a new style number and associate a size scale for it.

In the Toolio - 01. Line Building view, the inputs to generate a plan are now set with a baseline. You can change the attributes as well as the Planned Weeks or Average Per Week as needed. Enter in a Growth Rate to account for your current growth trends over your comparable data (in this case LY) and a Gross ST Units plan to derive the total Gross Sales Units and Receipts Units respectively.

If you make changes and want to reset back to the APW of the Like for Like choice, select the choice and right-click. Go to the X Row(s) Selected and click on Update Average Per Week.

After you are done setting your Assortment, Save. You can now review the rest of the numbered views to get more insight into flow and financial metrics. Use the Rollup section to make sure you are in line with your tops down plans.

Happy Assorting!

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