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Understanding the Assortment Rollup
Understanding the Assortment Rollup

The Assortment Rollup feature in Toolio helps you reconcile between your Merchandise Plan and Assortment Plan forecasts

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One of the biggest challenges merchandisers face is aligning their top-down and bottom-up plans. Toolio's Assortment Rollup feature can help streamline the reconciliation process.


Assuming that you've already completed your Merchandise Plan in Toolio and are now building your Assortment Plans, you can easily compare between the two using the Assortment Rollup.


Navigate to the Assortment Plan Rollup by first selecting an existing Assortment Plan (or creating a new one). After you have selected an Assortment Plan, please click the dropdown arrow to expose the Rollup section:

You will now see the Assortment Rollup with the Product Mix on your right hand side:

Assortment Plan totals are referred to under the 'Rollup' column. You should use your Merchandise Plan values (referred to as 'Plan' in this section) as a reference point during the Assortment Planning process. As you save any changes to the Assortment or Merchandise Plan, the values in the Rollup section will also update.

You can adjust the metrics that you see in the rollup section by clicking the three dots and Settings.

You will be taken to the Assortment Plan Settings page where you can add metrics via the Add button on the bottom, or right click to remove metrics. You can also rearrange any of the metrics by clicking and dragging the line itself.

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