Building an Assortment Plan

How to build your line plan in Toolio

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Toolio is designed to help streamline your assortment planning workflow. In previous articles, we've discussed how to import existing line plans, configure Views, and walked through some of the key features in the Assortment Plan module.

This article will demonstrate and explain the following:

Adding rows

You can easily add new rows to your assortment plan. Once you are in the assortment plan you'd like to edit, simply click + Add Row at the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

A new row will automatically be added with your assortment plan attributes already populated (in this example, Men / Clothing / Outerwear).

Alternatively, you can add a row beneath a certain attribute you are grouped by. To do so, simply select +Add under any Group (please make sure the Group is expanded).

This will add a new row containing the same attribute as your Group. In this example, the new row created will automatically have a color value of "Gold."

Deleting Rows

To delete a row, simply right click on the row and hit 'Delete row.' This will remove the row and all of its contents.

Copy & Pasting

The Copy & Paste function in Toolio works very similarly to what you may be used to in Excel. You can easily copy (Ctrl + C or Cmd + C) and paste (Ctrl + V or Cmd + V) data from one cell to another. If you'd prefer, you can also highlight and right click to select Copy & Paste from the dropdown.

Data can be copied or pasted across different rows and from historical data into your current assortment plan. You can also copy external data and paste directly into Toolio. Please read more about copying and pasting from external line plans as well as Toolio's hindsight feature.

Field Types

You will notice that all of the fields in your assortment plan can be classified into Date, Image, String, Number, Single-Select and Currency field types. Toolio will automatically validate your data in the Assortment Plan to help ensure that values for these fields are inputted correctly.

For Image fields in particular, please note that you can either upload an image or you can easily copy and paste an image url.

For Single-Select fields, you will see a drop down menu when attempting to modify a value. In this example, Color is a Single-Select field:

These fields help you avoid input error when building your line plan. In the case that you would like to add a new option to a Single-Select field, you can do so by typing in the new value and selecting 'Create a new option...'

Saving your changes

Please make sure to save any changes you have made to your assortment plan by hitting SAVE at the upper right hand portion of your window. This will automatically be displayed whenever you make changes to your assortment plan.

If you have made any changes to your view, you will need to save that separately by selecting View>View Options>Save. You can read more about configuring views in assortment planning here.

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