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Can multiple people be planning at the same time?
Can multiple people be planning at the same time?
This covers how Toolio handles concurrent plan creation
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Toolio allows multiple people to be planning at the same time. So, no longer asking each other "are you in the file?", "can I use the Excel Spreadsheet?".

For each module in Toolio you can have multiple people updating plans as long as either of the following is true:

  • Each planner is working on a different scenario

  • Each planner is working on different subsets of data on the same scenario, e.g. one planner working on Mens and the other working on Womens.

Recommended Workflow

For larger teams below is the recommended workflow, for each major plan update e.g. monthly re-forecasting, quarterly updates, etc.

  • Each planner creates a new scenario from the "Master" plan, which is the operating plan, and gives the scenario a meaningful name, say "Planner's May Update"

  • Planner makes all the desired changes on the "Planner's May Update" scenario

  • Planner merges "Planner's May Update" to "Master" when all the changes are complete.

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