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Metrics Management - System vs Adjusted
Metrics Management - System vs Adjusted

We are introducing the System and Adjusted metrics for you to keep separate the system calculated ones from the ones you edited

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❗This article is related to New Assortment Plan. If you are on the old Assortment Plan and would like to migrate to the new Assortment Plan, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager

In the next generation Assortment Plan, it has been one of our focus to keep System calculated metrics separate from the ones you would like to edit and adjust.

The default workflow

When you run a Forecast or Receipt Generation function, system calculates Gross Sales Units and Receipt Units respectively, as well as the derived metrics from the units calculated. The result of these functions are written to the system metrics and also copied to the adjusted metrics by default. Then, if you like to adjust these metrics, you can do so by editing the Adjusted version of these metrics.

Every metric with Plan variant has 'System' and 'Adjusted' versions.

Gross Sales Units - Adjusted Plan metric is the input of Generating Receipt function. Therefore, if you adjust the plan metric, Adjusted metric will be used for the receipts calculation.

The only exception to editing Adjusted metrics is the Receipt Units and On Order Units. You'll not be able to edit the Adjusted version of these metrics as these are key to the Recommended Purchase Order workflows.

Locking Forecast

As we mentioned above, the default behavior is that system copying the calculated results to the adjusted metrics for you to continue using system recommended outputs for your planning. However, for your use cases, you may want to manually edit the result of the Forecast function.

You can stop system overwriting to your Adjusted metrics by checking 'Lock Forecast' checkbox and then saving.

In the next forecast function execution, your Adjusted Sales Plan will be kept per your previous edits and system calculations will not be applied.

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