Amazon Redshift Integration

Integrate Toolio with your Amazon Redshift data warehouse

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If you are using Amazon Redshift as your data warehouse, Toolio can also integrate directly with your Redshift instance. Below are the details to facilitate Redshift integration.

Table Naming Conventions

You will need to set up a table for each core model. Below are the required table names:

Data Model

Table Name







Purchase Order


Required Table Schema

You can think of each column on your table corresponding to an attribute on Toolio’s data models. Column names should be the same as the slugs. Please see core model documentation for the column types you should use.

Pagination & UpdateAt Field

If possible, make sure to add an updatedAt field to each of the tables that you create. This helps Toolio keep track of the last value that has been synced from your Data Warehouse. To learn more please see how Toolio handles pagination here.

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