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Integrate your Looker for BI instance through Scheduled Data Deliveries

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If you are using Looker in your organization, chances are that you already have all the data required for Toolio in your Looker data warehouse. In such cases, you can integrate Toolio without requiring any IT lift on your end by leveraging Looker’s Scheduled Data Deliveries.


Scheduled Data Deliveries allow pushing the data required by Toolio (e.g. Sales, Inventory, Purchase orders and Product) into Toolio’s cloud storage. Toolio automatically processes these feeds and makes them available in Toolio’s modules. During the the data planning and validation phase of the onboarding process, we require sending full data feeds from Looker into Toolio. Once validation is complete, you can start sending only the delta data between each scheduled report, e.g. the data for the last week.

How to Integrate Looker and Toolio

  • Create an Azure Storage Action on Looker (please reach out to the Toolio Implementation team for Storage Account and Access Key details).

  • For each of the Data Models here, create a scheduled delivery. Make sure to use the naming conventions highlighted here.

  • Validate the received data within Toolio.

How to Format Data Feeds

Renaming column headers to match the required Toolio headers

Toolio expects the data feed headers to match the format described here. You can achieve this by customizing the dimension labels in the ".view" file. Please see below as an example for what this would look like.

Formatting the data values to match required Toolio values

Toolio expects data types to follow the data types described here. One example where this can cause confusion is with currency data types. Toolio expect currency values to be sent as unformatted decimals, i.e. 1234.00 instead of $1,234.00.

This can be accomplished by updating the value_format field in the view. Toolio's recommended value_format value is "0.00".

You can read more about updating value_format within a view on Looker's Docs.

How to Schedule Deliveries

Formatting the Delivery as CSV

Make sure that the Delivery is formatted as CSV. If you are not seeing CSV as a delivery option, please make sure that you have saved your reports as a Look before sending them. To see the available options for formatting the data, please see Looker's documentation here.

Getting Looker to send all the results in the scheduled report

This is a setting in scheduled delivery configuration. Please see Looker’s Doc on Scheduling Limits. The end configuration would look as follows:

Removing data formatting from scheduled reports

This is a setting in scheduled delivery configuration. Please see uncheck Formatted data values before setting up your deliveries to avoid unwanted formatting to appear in the data feeds.

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