Options define the values that a particular attribute can take. This is very important for when you want to ensure that you use consistent values for a specific attribute. Please see below on how to add new Options and manage them.

1. Accessing Options

Options are accessible under Account > Settings > Attributes

2. Adding a new Option

Click Add Option to create a new Option. Each Option has a name and a list of Values that the Option can take. For example, if we are creating a Fabric Option, the values might be Stretch, Denim, etc. Please note that option values are not case sensitive. For example, if the Channel option is defined as "ECOMMERCE" but we receive "eCommerce", Toolio has no problem attributing and populating the data. However, it is important to keep in mind the option will be displayed exactly as you configure them in your Toolio settings.

Once you hit save, you should be able to see your new Option on the list of Options.

3. Managing an Existing Option

You can manage an existing Option (e.g. add new Values or delete the Option) by right-clicking the Option and making the relevant changes.

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