How to Configure Your Retail Calendar
Configure your retail calendar
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In order to make sure you’re comparing the right time frames to each other within Toolio, you can configure your retail calendar to your specifications. Feel free to check out our blog post on the Retail Calendar or reach out to your account manager if you have any questions.

Go to Account > Settings > Merchandise Plan

Under Merchandise Plan, you’ll have the option to select a calendar type. Depending on the calendar type, you may or may not need additional information (Last Month of the Year, Last Day of the Week, etc.).

Gregorian Calendar: Regular calendar - you will just need to add the Last Month of the Year.

NRF 4-5-4: National Retail Federation 4-5-4 calendar is by far most widely used - there is no need to add additional values if selecting this calendar.

Custom ISO Week Date: If you organize your calendar a different way, you can configure all the options here. Other Week Grouping options include 4-4-5 or 5-4-4.

Please click Save on the top right to save your configuration.

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