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Importing Existing Line Plans into Toolio
Importing Existing Line Plans into Toolio

How to import line plans (i.e. assortment plans) created externally

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In the case that you already have line plans created externally, Toolio makes it easy to import them directly into the Assortment Plan module. You can either copy and paste your data, or upload your line plan in .csv format directly.


Copy and Pasting your data

  1. Select the Assortment Plan module and choose the Assortment you would like to import line plans to.

2. Reference your existing line plan and make sure the columns in your line plan correspond with the attributes displayed in the Plan Import view. Please read more about customizing and configuring your Assortment Plan views here.

You can add new attributes by clicking on Plan Import > Select Attributes. Please note that in order to copy and paste directly from your existing line plan, the columns must align exactly with the Plan Import view. You can easily drag to reorder columns in Toolio.

3. Once your Plan Import view is configured properly, you can easily copy and paste data directly from your line plan into Toolio!

Please see a video walkthrough of this process below:

Importing your Line Plan with .csv

Alternatively, you can use the direct import feature to upload your line plan. Please note that all Assortment Plan imports require an external_id and launch_date column in your data.

Formatting your data

  • external_id is a unique identifier for the line you are importing. Because you may want to have the same product across multiple seasons and time ranges, it is important to have this field. A common implementation would be to use `product id + color + seasoncode` to generate external_id.

  • launch_date is what Toolio uses to attribute your imported data to the correct Assortment Plan by time range. Please make sure this is entered in MM/DD/YYYY format.

For the remainder of your data, please make sure all custom attribute fields are spelled and formatted in accordance to your configured attributes in Toolio (Settings > Attributes).

Finally, you will need to make sure your Core Attributes meet Toolio's Assortment Plan Item format. You can also read more about our Core Data Models in our Integration Guide. You can either edit the column headers of your import to adhere to Toolio's Core Attributes, or you can create a mapper, which is outlined here.

Importing Your Data

Once your data is formatted correctly, please navigate to Data & Imports under your profile.

By clicking on New Import > Assortment Plan Item, you can easily import your line plan in .csv format. If you have configured a Mapper, you will be prompted to make a selection prior to importing.

Post Import

Toolio will automatically attribute your imported data to the appropriate Assortment Plans (with respect to time range and hierarchy). To see your imported data, please navigate to the Assortment Plan module and click the Create button.

From here, please make sure to select the correct template, relevant attributes and time frame (and press create).

Any data you have imported which meets an Assortment Plan's criteria will then be populated automatically.

Please see a video that walks through these steps below.

Updating an Existing Assortment in Toolio with a Line Item from Excel

This process is very similar to the Importing your Line Plan steps. In this workflow however, the steps are:

  • Export the existing Line Plan from Toolio. Make sure that you have the External Id exposed as a column

  • Make changes on your Line Plan on Excel

  • Import the Line Plan as an Assortment Line Item import.

Toolio will use the External Id to match the Line Items to the rows in your CSV while updating your Assortment Plan.

Please see the video below that puts this together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import metrics (e.g. receipts_units, gross_sales_units) along with my line plan?

Yes you can! You can import any metric that is defined under settings > metrics (see here for more) along with your assortment plan. Make sure to create a column (with metric slug as the header) for each metric you want to add.

Can I see a sample CSV to import?

You can see a Sample CSV for Line Plan importing here.

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