Item Plan Data Validation

A guide to validating your Item level data during the Item Plan module onboarding process

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During the Item Plan onboarding process, we will be reviewing your imported data to ensure that all metrics in Toolio are accurate. To help guide this process, please use the Item Plan Import Data Validation tool, which you can find shared in your Google Drive > Toolio Onboarding > Shared Files > Data Planning & Validation. If you have used the Post Import Data Validation tool from Merchandise Plan onboarding, this will follow a very similar process.

Here is a step by step walkthrough below:
1. Please read through the steps in the 'README' tab of your Item Plan Data Validation file - this will outline the directions and provide an overview of each tab.

2. Navigate to your Item Plan module and select the "Toolio - Data Validation" view.

Use the Time Range selector to select the last full year. Please input starting month and year in the 'README' tab (cells E3 and E4) of your validation worksheet.

Use the Filter function to identify a specific product to validate. Enter the Product Id (Style No) in cell E2 of the Data Validation file.

Please see below for a breakdown of the Metrics by the Data Model/Data Feed they are sourced from:

Data Model (Source of data)



  • Gross Sales Retail

  • Gross Sales Units

  • Gross Sales Cost

  • Markdown

  • Discount

  • Returns Ticket

  • Returns Units

  • Returns Cost


  • EOP Ticket

  • EOP Retail

  • EOP Units

  • EOP Cost

Purchase Order

  • Receipts Retail

  • Receipts Cost

  • Receipts Units

Please note that you may not have values for all of the metrics (i.e. if your data feed is not passing inventory ticket values, EOP Ticket will be empty). Please also be aware that if you are validating a historic time frame, On Order values should always be 0.

3. Copy and Paste the entirety of your data from the Data Validation view to the "Toolio Plan" tab of the validation file.

4. Populate the "Expected Data" tab of your validation file with your own data aggregated in the same format. Please note the start and end dates for each month from Toolio are reflective of your calendar configuration (may be retail dates).

5. Use the "Validation" tab in the file to compare % variance between the data in Toolio and your expected values. If there are any discrepancies, we will tackle them together and address any issues with the data on your next status meeting.

If possible, please begin investigating potential sources of error for any variances. You can also use the Show Raw Data function in Toolio to view the source data the system has processed.

6. Once you have completed validation at the product level, please validate that the size level data is also correct for your product. To do so, please follow the steps below:

  • Add a specific color to the Filter

  • Add Color and Size to the attributes in the Data Validation view

Since the product level data has already been validated, there should be minimal issues at the color and size level. Please verify that the size and color level values are correct (externally from the Item Plan Data Validation file). Our customer success team will be happy to help address any issues in your data.

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