Managing Spreads

How to add, delete, and edit spreads

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You have visibility to all Spreads under the Data & Imports page. In the Spreads page you can see a list of your current spreads, edit them, delete old spreads, and add new spreads.

To add a new Spread, click on the Add button on the top right corner. The screen will prompt you to input a name and select an option (ex: color, size, channel, etc.) for the new Spread. Once you click Create, you’ll be brought to a blank page to create your new spread. Click on the Add button to input the Spread Values and Spread Weights.

To edit or delete Spreads, right click on the spread and click “1 Row Selected” and select the action you wish to take.

To edit an existing Spread, simply adjust the weights for each value, add new values, or delete existing values.

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