Once you have planned your new styles within Toolio's Assortment Plan module, the final step is to generate a Purchase Order. Follow the steps below or scroll down to our video walkthrough to see how to generate a CSV file with SKU level PO data.

For this workflow, we suggest using the Purchase Order Submission out of the box view. This view will give you visibility into Launch Dates and Lead Times, to provide visibility into when you need to place your Purchase Orders.

First, ensure Spreads are assigned for each line that you plan to generate Purchase Orders for. Note that Spreads must be assigned to ensure that data is appropriately distributed to the correct granularity (e.g. Size, Channel). You can see here that the units are appropriately distributed by size.

Next, select the rows that you would like to generate Purchase Orders for. Select Generate Purchase Orders > Toolio CSV to download your PO CSV file.

Finally, review the CSV export of SKU level Purchase Order data.

See this video for a walkthrough of this process:

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