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Your Toolio account will come out of the box with preconfigured views on your Data Imports Page (under Settings).

Import Views

Please see below for a breakdown of each view and the intended use case. Please also note that just like in the Merchandise Plan, Assortment Plan, and Item Plan modules, you are able to customize, configure, and save your own views on the Data Imports page.

View Name


Toolio - Recent Imports

Default view showing all imported files within the last 2 weeks

Toolio - Integration Imports

All imported files ingested via an integration or scheduled emails

Toolio - Manual Imports

All manually imported files

Toolio - Trouble Imports

Imports which have failed or completed with errors


How do I download imported files?

You can easily download any file which was previously imported by simply clicking on the file name. Please note that this will download the file exactly as Toolio received it, without and Toolio mappings or filters applied.

How can I see if there are any mappings or filters applied to my imports?
Make sure "Mapper Name" & "Filter Name" attributes are added to your Settings - Imports view.

  • If a mapper or filter was applied to your import, you will see the name highlighted in light blue - you can click on the mapper or filter directly to review the logic being applied

  • If no mapper or filter was applied, you will see "System"

Why are some lines skipped?

Skipped lines denote that there is data within your import that have been filtered out by Toolio when importing, typically due to filters which have been applied. Please note that Toolio also skips any inventory lines which have 0 units of inventory.

How can I reimport a file?

You are always able to import a file by clicking on "New Import" in the top right hand corner. If there is a file that you had previously imported, which you would like to import again, you can quickly do so by right clicking on the file and selecting :"Retry import":

Why are there errors?
Errors can occur due to a variety of reasons. This means that Toolio was unable to successfully import your data. You may also see that an import completed with errors, meaning that some lines were not imported successfully while they rest completed without issue. The best place to start diagnosing these issues is the Toolio - Trouble Imports view.

To review any errors in your imports, you can utilize the "Error Count" attribute. If errors are found, you will see the number under "Error Count." Upon clicking on the number, you will see a list of errors, along with a reason for the error and the row & column where the error occurred in your import:

The most common error reasons are outlined below:

  • Incorrect mappings - headers in your import are different than the headers Toolio is expecting

  • Missing required fields - required fields for importing are missing

  • Type error - Toolio is expecting a different type of field than it received (i.e. text instead of datetime)

Please contact your customer success team should you have any issues or questions when reviewing or diagnosing imports.

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