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Seeding Item Plan to Merchandise Plan
Seeding Item Plan to Merchandise Plan
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Within Toolio, you can plan bottoms up. To do this, you can create your item level plans within the Item Plan module and seed these to create your Merchandise Plan.

Below you can find the steps for this workflow:

  1. Navigate to the Seed menu in the Merchandise Plan Module.

  2. Select your source.

    In this workflow, we would want to use item plan as a source as well as the scenario we would like to seed. Your time frame will be preselected to align with the chosen scenario but can be adjusted if you so choose.

  3. Select your Target

    Your Target will be the selection on Merchandise Plan you would like to seed your Item Plan to. Keep in mind that this will override any Merchandise Plan you previously set in that given scenario. You can utilize creating new scenarios if you would first like to test how a given item plan translates to Merchandise Plan.

  4. Seed

    Once seeded, your selected scenario in Merchandise Plan will now reflect your Item Plan you chose for the source.


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