Day Level Plan in Merchandise Plan

Toolio offers you to configure and maintain day level plans

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Day level plan is a plan that has fewer attributes, but gets down to day level granularity. This would be especially useful if your sales have inner-week spikes and you might want to align those spikes to your marketing calendar.

Note: Multiple Plans are only supported for Pro plan and above. If you want to learn more on how to enable Day Level Plans on your account, please get in touch with your Customer Success manager.

Please see below on how to configure and maintain plans at different granularities.

Configuring a Day Level Plan

There is short number steps to configure your desired plan, follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to Settings > Organizations > Merchandise Plan

  2. Click on ADD

    1. Give your new a Plan Name,

    2. Select the attributes you want to plan by

    3. Select the Time Granularity: Daily

      1. Once you make a selection, you'll be prompted with the Calendar Options to select, find more information on Calendar Settings here.

    4. Click CREATE

  3. The plan is now added to the Merchandise Plan list

Maintaining a Day Level Plan

  1. I can now access the new plan from the top navigation Merchandise Plan as seen in the below screenshot

  2. Add the actualized metrics and attributes that you are interested in to see in your view.

  3. Then trigger the data refresh - find more information about data refresh here.

  4. Select Day from the Time Groups

Finally your metrics should show up on the grid

Viewing Last Year - This Year Comparison Dates

When you'd like to compare your plans to the previous year, it is day-to-day (Monday-to-Monday) comparison rather than date-to-date (Jan 2 '22-to-Jan 2 '23) comparison. You can see which date it is comparing to by clicking on 3 dots next to the date header

or if you have your dates are in rows, you can right click to see the dates it is comparing to.

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