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Toolio supports importing data feeds with emailed csv reports. Please see below to learn more.

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Toolio integrates natively with the mostly used commerce platforms. If we do not yet support a native integration to your technology stack, you can still automate data importing via scheduled email reports sent to Toolio. Below are the steps to accomplish this:

1. Find out if your platform supports scheduled reports

Most platforms support sending data feeds via scheduled reports. If you are not sure if your platform supports this, please reach out to us, and we will help you find out more.

2. Locate the email integration address for your account

Under Account > Settings > Integrations you will see the email address for email integration. It will look like

3. Schedule recurring reports for each data feed

For each scheduled data feed, Toolio will need to understand which Data Model the feed relates to. For each scheduled feed, please make the following selections:

  • To: Please use the email address from step 2.

  • Subject: Please use the Subject corresponding to the data feed from the table below.

  • File Name: Please use the File Name corresponding to the data feed from the table below.

Data Model

File Name




Toolio Products



Toolio Inventory



Toolio Sale

Purchase Order


Toolio Purchase Order



Toolio Receipt

4. Trigger a test delivery for your data feed

Within 5 minutes of triggering your test delivery, you will see the import show up on Toolio's Import Status Grid.

5. Create a schedule for your data feed

Schedule your data feeds to be delivered daily or weekly. To determine how much data to include in each feed and the delivery frequency, please see Integration FAQs.

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