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Using Time Frames and Time Groups
Using Time Frames and Time Groups

Adjusting the Time Frame and Time Grouping options in Item Planning

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In Toolio Item Planning you can easily adjust the Time Frame selection and Time Grouping options to view your data in a meaningful way.

Time Frames

Plan Year Time Frame

Within Item Planning, there are several options for the dates that you can view. You can easily select a specific Plan Year from the dropdown to see an upcoming or historical plan.

Time Frame

You can set any custom time frame that you like on Time Frame Settings page and these time frames will be displayed here. You can find more information about Configuring Time Frames here.

Relative Time Frame

You also have the option to select a Relative time frame. A Relative Time frame allows you to choose from options such as the Next 52 Weeks or the Last 4 Weeks.

Custom Relative Time Frame

You have another option to select a Relative time frame using Last X weeks, Next Y weeks, so this option let's you look at relative timeframes that is customized per your use case.

Custom Time Frame

A Custom time frame allows you to hand pick a specific date range that you’d like to view.

Time Groups

Once you’ve navigated to the date range you’re interested in, you can change the time groups that you are viewing. For example, you can select the Week view to view weeks within each month.

For Months, Quarters, and Halves, you are able to select whether these columns are inserted to the right or left of other time groups within your View. This ability helps you to be able to see the data in a way that makes sense to your planning process.

By selecting the pin icon, you can pin a time group to the right side of the page. We recommend pinning the Total column so you can easily see the total value for each metric over your selected date range.

Once you have made changes on these Time Frame Selections, you can save that in the View to make that your default view.


For metrics that have AVERAGE in calculation (e.g. turn), what is the time period that Average refers to?

Metrics are aggregated based on the time groups. So, AVERAGE for the Quarter time group would be the AVERAGE of the time periods within that Time Group, and AVERAGE for the Total would be the average for the entire Time Frame.

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