Managing Integrations

Within Toolio, we have made managing your integrations easy - this help article covers common integration management workflows in Toolio.

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Viewing Integrations:

You will find your integrations configured in Toolio in the settings page under "Integrations." Here you will be able to see all of your integrations in one place as well as the frequency, last triggered at and last completed at times.

Triggering a Full Data Sync

Made an update to your data and need to pull the integration again? Not a problem! You can trigger a full data sync directly in the front end of Toolio. Triggering a Full Data Sync automatically resets the lastProcessedAt time of the resource (set to null) and triggers the integration to run again. Upon triggering the Full Data Sync, you will receive a confirmation pop-up to confirm you would like to begin the data sync.


Toolio supports integration through various methods and systems. Check out our list of integrations below:

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