Planning for seasonal items will primarily take place in the Assortment Planning module. Once these items have been planned for a given season, you are able to push them into Item Planning to see all of your items (core and seasonal) in one view. Follow the steps below to complete this workflow:

  1. Review Any Duplicate Choices

  2. Select Assortment Items

  3. Generate Item Plan

    1. Pushing Only Attributes to Item Plan

  4. View Assortment Items in Item Plan

  5. View Status in Assortment Plan

Review Duplicate Choice Warnings

If you see a yellow Warning Icon on the top right corner, it indicates that there are duplicate choices in your assortment. You can view details of which lines are being flagged by clicking on the warning icon. You will want to make sure to review these items before selecting to push them into Item Plan.

You can also click on any duplicate warning entry from the warning list and the assortment plan line will be highlighted for easy identification and reference.

Select Assortment Items

In Assortment Plan, be sure you have completed planning your seasonal item(s), which includes going through the Manage Spreads workflow. This will ensure that relevant size scales and SKUs have been generated for these items and is an important step before generating Item Plans.

Generate Item Plan

Once you have completed the above steps, select the assortment line item and right click on the selection. From here, click “X” Rows Selected > Generate Item Plan.

Please note that the Generate Item Plan button will be grayed out if you have not planned all critical components (all fields used for your SKU generation logic). You can hover over the grayed out Generate Item Plan button to see the reason you are unable to utilize this function.

Pushing only Attributes from Assortment Plan to Item Plan

You also have the option in AP to push only attributes of an item to IP. This comes in handy when you are planning a placeholder for an item that you may not yet know

the specifics of. To do so select "Only Update Product/ Variant Attributes" when generating your item plan.

View Assortment Items in Item Plan

Next, navigate to Item Plan and use the filters and time frame selectors to choose the respective attributes and season, based on the Assortment Plan.

The line items that you pushed from Assortment Plan will display in the view. Note you can adjust the view to be grouped by Size, Channel, or other planning attributes to see any level of granularity you assigned in Assortment Plan.

Status in Assortment Plan

Once the line item has been pushed into Item Plan, the line's status will be updated to Item Generated. You can expose the Status field in Assortment Plan by editing the View.

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