To streamline your Item Planning workflows, Toolio allows you to easily sort by different attributes and metrics. For example, you may want to quickly understand your current inventory position and focus on products which need

Please see a step by step overview this feature below:

1. Once you are in the Item Plan module, you can simply select the Sort button, to the right of the Groups button:

2. As shown above, when you click "Add," you will be displayed a dropdown of all available attributes and metrics you can select from. You can easily select or search from this menu.

3. Once you've selected a field to sort by, you can further define whether you would like the sort order to be Ascending or Descending.

4. Finally, you can select multiple criteria to sort which can be easily dragged and dropped to adjust the sort hierarchy. In the example below, the Units Sold sorting occurs prior to the Returns Units sorting.

Please note that for non numerical attributes, the Ascending and Descending sort orders will be configured alphabetically. All sorting occurs with respect to the Group and Time Range configurations. Please read more about configuring views in Item Planning here.

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